Games Now Make Up 40% Of Windows 8.1 Downloads On The Windows Store

information about its flagship store for the month of January. And games made up nearly 40 percent of all downloads in this period. Other popular categories include entertainment, tools, social, music and videos. In terms of ratio of downloads per app, the social category is once again in the lead:

“Like our previous trends update, Social is the #1 category with nearly 2x average downloads per app than the second category. Photos, Games, and Productivity are the next categories with the highest opportunity. If your goal is to reach the maximum number of downloads possible, these categories present the highest potential.”
The company also touched upon the various markets and shared some language figures. United States and Canada are leading in these charts in terms of usage, with Germany, France and the United Kingdom also factoring in in near the top. The English language is the absolute leader here, followed by Spanish in second place. French, Mandarin and German also rank high. Redmond also talked in detail about the monetization of apps, indicating that both paid apps and in-app purchases are quite attractive to Windows 8.1 users. So much so that in-app purchase revenue surpassed paid app revenue in January.]]>

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