Gaming and 3DMARK Benching Software in Windows 8

Futuremark will have things under control. As a leader in benchmarking software Futuremark is going one step further with its new version of 3DMark, offering the power to benchmark different classes of hardware such as x86 and ARM, as well as variety of different graphics accelerators. 3DMark will be the largest reaching version of the software ever released. The software will accurately be able to measure and compare how well games will perform across the different platforms regardless of what kind of hardware the Windows 8 machine in question is running on. The announcement was accompanied by a concept image for the new benchmark showing an elemental rock warrior showing off to swords. The next-gen version of 3D Mark promises to work flawlessly for testing under Metro and classic desktop as well. Futuremark 3DMark for Windows 8 is expected to arrive sometime in 2012. The future of gaming looks bright with Windows 8 and programs like 3D Mark will help us better gauge the capabilities of our hardware to provide the best experience we can get. What do you think of Windows 8 as a gaming platform? Does the wide variety of hardware appeal to you? Does the idea of using software like 3D Mark to figure out the best options sound good to you? Share your thoughts on gaming and other 3D-intense uses below.    ]]>

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