German State Switches Back To Windows

Game over for Hannover? The Linux adventure for Lower Saxony has come to an end, with the German state said to be planning to switch back to the tried and tested Windows operating system.

A total of 13,000 PCs will actually be migrated to Windows 10 in the very near future.

As revealed, this development comes not too long after Munich itself started the migration back to Windows earlier this year. Turns out that while switching to Linux is easy enough for most organizations, remaining committed to the open source platform is a whole another ball game.

Lower Saxony went in with OpenSUSE, but authorities soon found out that most field workers and teleworkers used Windows.

Leading to significant compatibility problems, despite efforts to address the gap between the two operating platforms.

Now, with the OpenSUSE version that Lower Saxony is running no longer supported, the state has the opportunity to plan its next move. Which is exactly what it has done. Instead of upgrading to a supported Linux distro, it will map out a return to Windows.

While a final decision regarding the version of Windows to be installed is yet to be made, it is expected that Windows 10 will be installed on all systems.

Lower Saxony has already proposed a budget of 5.9 million Euros for the transition, due to new hardware being necessary for the migration, but they are ready to expand the total amount to 7 million Euros, should more money be needed.

No ETA as to when the switch should be completed, since things are still in the early days.

But it’s another big win for Microsoft in its fight against open source alternatives.

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