Get Excited! The Verge say the Microsoft Surface Pro looks good!

This is cool.

Head over to The Verge and check out Tom Warren’s sneak peek pre-review of the Microsoft Surface Pro.

He did a pretty good job and it sounds like Microsoft MAY have a hit on their hands.

Some excerpts:

Behind the display the tablet is housed in a magnesium case that’s near-identical to the Surface RT. The Surface Pro is 13.46mm thick compared to the 9.39mm of the Surface RT. Surface Pro also weights 0.5lbs more. I was expecting to be disappointed by the thickness and weight combo, but Microsoft has made this really comfortable to use.


Performance was equally as impressive as the display and the Intel Core i5 processor is the perfect combination for Windows 8. One of the big complaints in our Surface RT review was the hit and miss nature of Windows RT performance on the Tegra 3 chipset. It’s night and day with the Surface Pro. This thing flies. Opening up multiple apps is super fast and despite its tablet-like appearance, this is a full powerful Windows PC.

I am now getting excited about this device.

I’m looking forward to doing a full review as soon as I can get my hands on it.

You can read more from Tom Warren about the new Microsoft Surface Pro here.

Do you plan to buy a Surface Pro?

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