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August 25, 2022

Here’s another thing you can credit build 25188 for: Unleashing an ad platform. Redmond has announced the launch of Microsoft Store Ads alongside Windows 11 build 25188.

This version of the preview that took flight yesterday contains multiple fixes and improvements.

Some of them were outlined in the changelog, but many of the new features are hidden from view. These include animated icons in the Settings app, a Task Manager that can do live kernel dumps, as well as overall tightening of security in the OS via a new Secure Boot driver.

You can now add another one to the list, as Redmond has started testing ads in the Microsoft Store.

This comes after several months of waiting, with the company having first revealed this new project all the way back this March. Dubbed the Microsoft Store Ads project, the premise behind this new initiative is simple.

Microsoft Store Ads will follow the same idea that Apple and Google have implemented in their marketplaces. When a user searches for something on these storefronts, the store displays contextual ads tailored for that specific user.

The newly revamped Microsoft Store for Windows 11 and Windows 10 will follow the same trajectory.

In addition to standard search results, Redmond will show extra listings with the “Ad” badge, thereby providing developers with another method to promote their projects. At the same time, this will allow customers to discover content that they may like.

Redmond notes that only developers with published content in the Store can participate in this new program, which is understandable.

Also, keeping in view that the program is currently in testing mode, those wanting to join must provide Microsoft with their data using this dedicated form and wait for an invitation.

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