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Are you a fan of Windows 7 operating system? Like you, there are many PC users who love this OS. In terms of graphics and security this operating system is truly superb. Well, get ready for better experience with Windows 8 OS. Microsoft is going to come up with this new OS comprising more stunning features. Although Microsoft has not revealed much details about this operating system but expectation of the PC users is quite high with this OS. In this article we will discuss some of the notable features that you are going to get in Windows 8 operating system. If you need operating system support, you can get in touch with a PC repair company.

Windows 8 operating system is going to support the ARM architecture. In various consumer electronics devices ARM processors are common. The operating system has been intended to run on tablets and cell phones and the PCs. Windows 7 OS has both 32-bit and 64-bit support. But Windows 8 will not probably support 32-bit processor. So, you may find difficulties with all your 32-bit applications. However, it is expected that Microsoft will continue to provide support for those applications.

You will find heavy reliance on the cloud from Microsoft with its new Windows 8 Operating system. With this OS you will be able to make cloud applications appear as if you have installed and running it locally. The operating system will also offer native support for virtualized applications. The OS will allow you to run Internet Explorer in a sandbox. By doing this, Microsoft can fix the security issues that it previously had with the browser. Sandboxing Internet Explorer will block malicious Web sites from causing harm to the core operating system.

Recently organized Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas showed that the PC is in real trouble. More and more people are now opting for tablets rather than buying desktops and laptops. It is expected that Microsoft will use native operating system support for specialized hardware so that popularity of the PC could come to its previous state.

In Windows 8 operating system you can find a bigger distinction between consumer and enterprise versions. Microsoft has come up with different editions of its desktop operating systems since Windows XP. One version has been destined toward consumers while the other toward businesses. With Windows 8 the users might find a greater distinction between the consumer and enterprise editions. Windows 8 enterprise version might be lightweight with more security features than previous versions of Windows while the consumer version will boast unnecessary software like software to provide native support for Zune.

All these above mentioned features are expected to have in the new Windows 8 operating system. But to get the last word we need to wait till its release.


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