Get The Full Experience Of The Windows Store Using Your Browser

MetroStore Scanner, the browser-based application allows you to check the apps, and just like the full version, the service comes with a search feature to quickly look for a specific application. A ‘Details’ button loads the selected app in Microsoft’s browser based Windows Store. Interestingly, this new application also list the total number of apps it has scanned, as well as the number of new apps it found after its latest can. The newest data reveals over 25,000 apps available worldwide, which, though still unofficial, puts it in line with other recent estimates. If you are still on an older version of the OS, but planning to make the move to Windows 8 in the future, MetroStore Scanner is a pretty slick way to take a peek at what you are missing plus all the newest stuff that pops up on Microsoft’s flagship store. The only question that remains is why it has Metro in its name when Microsoft has already abandoned it due to copyright issues? Click here to visit the MetroStore Scanner website and see for yourself.]]>

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