Get THX Spatial Audio With The New Razer Windows 10 App

Razer THX Spatial Audio

If you prefer to get sound you get from your PC that is a cut above the rest, then this new Razer Windows 10 app is well worth a look. It brings THX Spatial Audio support for any headset.

Yes, you read that right.

Any headset.

Razer has been in this game for a while now, even finding a home in the Windows Game Bar. Its higher-end gaming headsets have included support for THX Spatial Audio for ages. The technology promises a much more immersive surround sound experience than what you get from a regular setup.

But the only problem with this was that it was exclusive to premium headsets — cans that cost $100 and up. This was quite a significant price barrier for most buyers. But now, this limitation is no more, and you can add THX Spatial Audio to almost any headset you can think of.

And this is thanks to a new Windows 10 app that has arrived on the scene, promising authentic positional audio experiences and accurate simulation of 7.1 surround sound.

You just need a regular stereo headset for this, and they don’t even have to be Razer branded either. Headsets that use the 3.5mm headphone jack are invited to the party, as are those that use USB or even Bluetooth.

The application is preloaded with a selection of profiles that you can choose depending on your usage, and a customizable equalizer is also thrown in for each profile. You also get the ability to create different profiles with more equalizer profiles.

Plus, there is the HRTF calibration tool that can be used to customize the virtual speaker placement, volume, and distance to suit your personal preference.

As you might expect, all this premium power does not come free.

If your current headset already supports 7.1. surround sound, then the THX Spatial Audio is a $9.99 upgrade. Otherwise, the standard price is $19.99. A free trial is available for download, of course, if you want to test things out first.

Do so here.

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