Getting Used To Windows 8 Only Takes 10 Minutes, Says Expert

Windows 8 is often described as a confusing operating system, particularly for new and novice users. This belief stems from both Metro and the UI changes that Microsoft introduced.

Nevertheless, there are many IT experts that actually praise the operating system.

Stephen Landry, CIO of Seton Hall University is one such expert, and according to him getting used to the new OS is easy breezy, with only some basic training needed for less experienced users.

Talking to InformationWeek, the CIO said that while students took to Windows 8 immediately, faculty members and administrators indeed had to spend some time to discover all the changes that are implemented in the operating system.

Luckily, for him that time was mere minutes:

“But usually if I spend 10 minutes explaining the navigations, most administrators become comfortable with the new interface.”

Seton Hall University is one of the educational institutes that recently made the move to Windows 8.

Microsoft is keen to take these (and other) user experiences into consideration for the first major upgrade to the platform, titled Windows 8.1. The company has announced its desire to focus on customer feedback as it prepares the upcoming transformation to its flagship operating system.

The public preview of Windows 8.1 is set to be released next month at the BUILD conference.

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