Gigabyte Announces New Windows 8 Tablet

Gigabyte unveils new Windows 8 tablet.

Not too long ago we reported on Gigabyte’s Windows 8 tablet, the S1082. Now they are back this week at CES with a newer model, the S1185.

So what’s different this time around? The 11.6-inch slate has a third-gen Core processor and other features including a magnetic keyboard with mouse buttons, an optical finger navigation mode when in the desktop, and front and rear cameras. There are also VGA and HDMI ports.

There isn’t much specific information about this “Optical Finger Navigation Mode”, but more than likely it is some kind of method designed to making using the touchscreen on the Windows legacy desktop less of a hassle.

The real important stuff would be price point and target release, though we don’t know either of these things at this point. As far as cost goes, we do know that the S1082 is on sale right now for $560– so hopefully this Windows 8 tablet will come in around the same price.

If so, we are talking about a Core (likely i3) basic tablet for around the same cost as a Surface RT. This is a pretty great value when you think about it. That said, Gigabyte isn’t exactly the most popular brand around and the design of this tablet is far from being as sexy or sleek as the Surface.

Still, some of us prefer cheap functionality over aesthetic beauty, and for that, this tablet could be perfect. What do you think, if the S1185 manages to price close to the Surface RT, would you be interested or not?

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