Gmail app now feels at home on the Surface Duo

August 23, 2022

Good things come in small packages. And Google has released one such package for its Gmail app, finally bringing full support for the dual-screen form factor used by devices like the Surface Duo.

The original Duo was released many years back, but few apps played nicely with its new form factor. What this means is that while these applications could run on the handset, they lacked a dual-screen view that Microsoft’s innovative approach demanded.

Gmail being one of the most key apps out there, was something that Duo users always wanted to offer support for dual screens.

That has finally changed now.

According to information that has floated over at Reddit, the official Gmail app has recently been updated for the Surface Duo whereby it now takes advantage of the entire screen estate of the foldable device.

Gmail App Surface Duo

It now joins the select club of email clients that feel right at home on the Surface Duo, which is led by the Microsoft Outlook app that was obviously updated a long time ago.

That said, the app is not by any means perfect.

Users make note that the official Gmail client still needs additional refinements. Apparently, the app has only been updated for foldables and not dual-screen devices. This is why content now wraps on the curved edge, while it does not on Outlook.

Hopefully, that is coming next, in order to make the official Gmail client flawless on the Surface Duo.

As for the device itself, those of you ware holding your breadth for a new model will have to do so for a long while still. People familiar with the matter are saying that Microsoft only plans to launch a new handset in this family sometimes in 2023.

So, for the time being, the second-generation unit remains the latest and greatest dual-screen Android offering from Redmond.

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