Goldman Raises Estimates Slightly on MSFT

*yawn*…slow day today…

While it’s a fair assessment overall, Goldman have their heads so far in the sand about Windows 8, it’s not even funny.

They just released the following…

Goldman Sachs is maintaining their Neutral rating on Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) as the company shares noteworthy information with investors this past week. Some of that information includes things like; their shift away from Intel exclusivity for its next OS, continued executive departures, and above expected holiday sales data from the Kinect. As a result of the strong Kinect sales the firm is raising their FY11-13 EPS estimates to $2.45, $2.68 and $2.96, from $2.42, $2.67 and $2.95.

The firm reports that the Windows 8 announcement is a much-needed step in the right direction in a tablet world. They also state that the latest departure in the company by Bob Muglia, President of the Server & Tools division, following the departures of Ray Ozzie, Stephen Elop, and Robbie Bach in recent months, hints to the firm that Azure traction may be less than expected.

You can see that their tech analyst has no idea what the heck he was talking about regarding the Windows 8 announcement.

A much needed step? They didnt show ANY part of the UI for Windows 8.

Simply because they announced they would design a version for ARM, that’s enough to indicate good news?

The rest of the analysis is fair but I think that there isn’t enough data one way or another to indicate that Microsoft is moving in the right direction re: Windows 8.


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