Good Luck Finding The Acer Mixed Reality Headset

Either they made only ten of these, or there really is very high demand for the Acer mixed reality headset. Sales of which went live just two days ago, and it is already out of stock.

These are the Developer Edition models of these affordable head mounted displays.

Built for the Windows Mixed Reality platform in Windows 10.

Microsoft made a big deal of this at its announcement back in October, where partner companies like Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and others were said to be preparing these mixed reality headsets starting at the alluring price of $299.

Thereby cutting down the barriers to entry that VR experiences on the PC platform like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive have.

Preorders for the Developer Edition models of both the Acer and HP models opened at the BUILD 2017 developer conference, and both models were exclusive to the US market. And in just two days, the first batch seems to have vanished. It is not available anywhere, not even physical Microsoft Store outlets.

Interestingly, the HP model was already out of stock when the Acer model launched.

What’s more, people that have preordered their headsets are reporting that their credit cards have been charged, but devices are yet to ship. And now with the news that the devices are already out of stock, it seems that these users will be effected by delays.

Luckily, we also another company in the mix here.

The oddly named 3Glasses Blubur S1 is still available, internationally at that, and will probably be the only option for users that want to get their hands on a Windows 10 Mixed Reality compatible headset.

What do you think of this episode, though?

Did they really underestimate the demand, or is this a textbook case of limiting supplies at the start to stir up interest? I’d go with the former, because the HP headset has also vanished.

Your pick?

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