Google And Opera Reportedly Behind Microsoft’s EU Fine

Well, well, well. Who would have thought Google, of all the technology companies in the world, would be such a tattletale — particularly with a corporate motto like Do No Evil.

The biggest news these past few days has been the $731 million fine levied on Microsoft by European Union for its (accidentally) absent browser ballot screen on Windows 7 Service Pack 1. Redmond will have to dig deep to cough up the amount, but the company said that it will respect the ruling.

A rather interesting story, meanwhile, has popped up on Financial Times claiming that Google and Opera may have been behind the fine, or at least were the ones that tipped off the EU about the missing browser ballot.

Insiders are claiming that both browser makers informally let the European Commission in on the details that Redmond was in violation of its agreement.

Google, so far, has remained quiet, but Opera did let the world know that they are happy to see the EU holding firm and enforcing the ruling.

Redmond has been quite actively targeting Google with its campaigns as well as Android vendors with IP claims against the software. It is still insider speculation, but seeing as how easy this was for Google to get back at Microsoft, it would not be surprising that they played the role of a rat.

This and the increasingly competitive browser market are reasons enough.

While we may never know what went on behind the scenes and whether any company played a part in this, ultimately it was Microsoft’s fault that they messed this up.

Either way, Microsoft got Scroogled.

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