Google Chrome Is Uncatchable On PC

How to catch a web browser. Google Chrome remains one of the most successful applications on the Windows platform, with the latest data showing the browser leading the charts like nothing else.

Data provided by StatCounter for the month of June 2018 lists Chrome with a market share of 66.87%, way ahead of other rivals.

And at this point in time, it seems unthinkable any other web browser will catch it.

That’s because Mozilla Firefox just has 11.44% to its name, while Microsoft Internet Explorer sits in third position with only 7.13% of the market. To make matters worse, IE no longer receives new features, and Redmond currently has it in maintenance mode.

In other words, only security updates and patches for vulnerabilities are released for it.

Here’s the chart, by the way:

StatCounter Browser June 2018

Showing that Microsoft Edge, the new default in Windows 10, is now making its slow ascent, at 4.16%.

And even though this browser has now moved beyond the desktop world — and is now available on both the leading mobile platforms, iOS and Android — it still has a lot of ground to cover on PCs. In fact, it has even fewer users than Apple Safari.

Which in June managed to reach a 5.38% share.

What’s remarkable here is that Google Chrome is also dominating the mobile market as well, which comes as no surprise considering the lead Android has in this space.

Chrome, which comes preinstalled on the majority of these devices, is number one here, with 54.98%, ahead of Safari which has a 17.25% slice of the pie. Other big names are UC Browser on third, following by Samsung Internet and Opera.

Microsoft Edge, meanwhile, is nowhere to be seen.

And the Same goes for Firefox.


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