Google Chromebook Pixel Could Bring Competition to the Touch PC Market

I’ve talked about how Chrome OS could eventually provide a true challenge for Microsoft Windows, even if they haven’t quite reached that point yet. With that in mind, a new leaked video has hit the net suggesting that the time for Google’s attempted disruption might be nearing.

The leaked video looks like official marketing material and unveils a 2560×1700 Chromebook that is said to be completely made by Google. The clip is supposedly made by a company called that recently claims to have went through a server hack.

If this is actually the real deal, the Chromebook Pixel looks like a higher-end Chromebook that has a touch screen and an impressive display. If this is all true, don’t be surprised if that also means that extended functionality is coming to Chrome OS (maybe even apps) – likely from elements borrowed from its Android OS.

Can Google Get Touch PCs Right?

There has been modest demand for touch laptops running Windows 8 so far, though part of that is due to limited inventory being available from the start (or at least says Microsoft). Can a cloud-based Google Chromebook Pixel do any better than the Windows 8 convertibles or even devices like the Surface RT? Honestly, I’m not sure.

It really depends. With a high-resolution display and touchscreen, something tells me this isn’t your ordinary Chromebook. If they can get hype turning and sell it at a bargain-bin price (say under $500), it might do quite well.

Enough to pull the rug out from under Microsoft? That’s doubtful. What this shows us is (if the leak is REAL) that Google recognizes that touch PCs are the future and could be an important step forward. That means Microsoft’s Windows 8 could be sitting on an untapped goldmine if they could just cut prices, find ways to market better to consumers and get past the early drama that haunts Windows RT and Windows PRO.

I’m certainly interested in what the Pixel will mean and how it will perform, but it is certainly too early to make very many predictions about it, or how it could potentially affect Microsoft. Bottom-line is that Microsoft needs to work hard to make sure that IF and when the Pixel arrives– they have strong enough competition on the Windows 8/RT front to keep it from being anything more than a niche item.

What do you think, does the Pixel sound like a threat to Microsoft in the enterprise and home consumer environment or is Chrome OS going to remain too limiting to make a difference?

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