Google Fans Launch MicroShafting, Their Own Anti-Microsoft Campaign

The search engine giant took Redmond’s Scroogled campaign quite gracefully, but the same cannot be said of some fans of Google, who have got together and launcher their very own Anti-Microsoft effort.

Dubbed MicroShafting, fans are using this campaign to ask users if they have been MicroShafted.

They point out that Google is not the only one responsible for collecting user analytics and say that Microsoft employs the same policy for its search engine Bing. If anything, those who doubt it are badly mistaken, if we are to go by what these Google fans are saying, that is.

In fact, they go one step further and point out several other things.

For example, the website points out that Google may be collecting user data, but the search engine giant is transparent about the sort of information it collects — unlike Microsoft.

And not just that, Google also provides users with the opportunity of deleting themselves any time.

The website also points out that Bing itself admits that it tracks individual users in its Privacy Policy, and Bing’s Facebook integration helps the company harvest user information from the social network and uses it to target advertising.

But perhaps the most amusing item in the website is the hilarious featured image that shows Steve Ballmer dressed in a grey suit decorated with the Bing logo and holding up his finger — much like the Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers series of films.

Microsoft has been quite aggressive with several versions of its Scroogled campaign, targeting what Redmond believes are unfair practices from Google regarding its Gmail and shopping services, as well as Android apps. This interesting new development could very well lead to another Scroogled refresh soon.

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