Google Further Extends Windows XP Support For Chrome

It was around this time last year when Microsoft retired one of its most popular operating systems ever. Windows XP was let go on April 8, 2014, with the user base recommend to upgrade to a newer OS.

Microsoft and friends (hardware partners) were giving this advice.

Software companies on the other hand extended support for the vintage platform — browsers, antivirus solutions and other such applications revealed their plans to keep supporting the operating system for a couple of years after retirement.

Google was one of those companies, announcing to stand by XP users that used its Chrome browser.

But that was so 2013.

Now the search engine giant has further extended this deadline to the end of 2015, and the popular web browser will retain support for Windows XP through the end of this year. That means users running Chrome on the operating system will continue to receive updates and fixes.

Mark Larson, Director of Engineering for Chrome confirmed this in a blog post, though with a warning that computers running Windows XP are inherently in danger of being infected by malware and viruses at the operating system level.

This ultimately makes it difficult for Google Chrome to provide a secure browsing environment.

The company still advises all users to upgrade to a new supported and secure operating system without delay to stay on the safe side online.

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