Google, Parallels Bringing Native Windows Apps To Chrome OS


Software virtualization provider Parallels has teamed up with Google to bring what it calls full-featured Windows applications to Chrome OS. Albeit, only to enterprise users.

Of course, this is not the first time that the search engine giant has hustled to bring Windows applications to Chromebooks. Google was reportedly working on a way to dual boot Windows on the Pixelbook in early 2018.

The official announcement does not divulge more information, while Google quietly hid its note in about a sentence in a blog post about remote work, promising that it will share more information on this in the coming months.

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But Parallels is no stranger in this space.

One of the leading providers of virtualization solutions like Parallels Desktop, the company knows all about running Windows 10 on macOS. And now it intends to bring something similar for Chrome Enterprise users, enabling them to run native Windows applications on Chromebooks.

These include desktop Microsoft Office applications, as well as the software available on Windows 10.

Parallels Desktop for Mac

This is a big development, as the addition of a feature like this on Chrome OS would greatly improve the usability of these machines. At the same time, it will negate the need for enterprises to procure separate Windows or mac devices to run the productivity suite or other such software.

In essence, the goal here is to ensure that Chromebooks meet all the needs of these organizations.

Apparently, the feature is supposed to be a variation of Parallels Desktop that will be natively integrated into Chrome OS, and will include offline support.

Remains to be seen just how viable this feature is, in terms of performance. But we’ll not have to wait too long to find out how mature these efforts are, as Parallels has confirmed that this feature is set to become available for Chrome Enterprise customers this fall.

Bring it on, I say!

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