Google Quietly Releases An App On The Windows Store

And it’s not what you expect. Google has shied away from the Windows Store ever since the launch of Microsoft’s modern operating platform, and the situation isn’t any closer to changing.

However, despite its policy of not bringing its applications to Windows, the search engine giant does like to occasionally launch something on the app repository. It did so back in the days of Windows 8, and it has done so now.

Quietly, at that.

Think of this as an early Christmas gift if you like both Windows 10 and Google products.

That’s because a Google Chrome installer app has been made available on the Microsoft Store. It’s nothing special, just a simple web wrapper that redirects you to the Chrome download page in your default web browser.

Handy for those that don’t already know how to download it on their PC.

If there are any such folks.

But at least the store listing explains that this app will not allow you to install Google Chrome on Windows 10 S, the new variant of the operating system with a locked down ecosystem that only allows running of the apps available on the Windows Store.

For better or for worse, Microsoft continues to stick to its policy of only allowing third-party web browsers that are true UWP apps and use the same HTML and JavaScript engines that Edge uses.

Fat chance of Google going this route to please the small number of Windows 10 S and Windows 10 Mobile users.

Desktop users, nevertheless, have access to Google Chrome proper, and well, this new app, which currently has a 1-star rating at the time of this writing. Expect this listing to be flooded with bad reviews over the days, as all this app does is redirects users to the Chrome download page.

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