Google releases initial Chrome Browser for Windows 8 Metro

Chrome Dev channel for Windows and download the latest version (21.0.1171.0). Once you have Chrome as your default browser and pinned to the Win 8 Start screen, you’re good to go. What’s been interesting to watch has been the mixed reactions to it.

VentureBeat: Google has released its first attempt at making its popular Chrome browser work with Windows 8′s Metro-style design aesthetic, and because the app ignores some of Microsoft’s Metro mandates, it’s actually quite good. ZDNET Windows 8 designers will probably be annoyed by this deviation from what a Metro app is supposed to be. Chrome fans, however, might not care. The new Chrome has a multi-tabbed interface and looks sufficiently like its desktop counterpart that it’s likely to win a big thumbs up precisely because it’s not Metro-ized.
It looks really good to me and every tech person who decides to run Windows 8 will head for Chrome immediately. Google can’t really lose.]]>

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