Google Responds To Microsoft’s New Scroogled Clothing Line

Go back and take a look at the history of computing and you will find that it is filled with rivalries, large and small, in pretty much all domains, hardware, software and the web.

Banter you will not find as much — but there has been some interesting chit chats over the years.

Microsoft has been rather aggressive in its charge against Google, criticizing the company once or twice in the media, while also running its Scroogled campaign. The search engine giant, however, has actually been rather quiet on the matter. Up until now, that is.

The latest on the Scroogled front is that Redmond has put up a new line of Scroogled merchandise, everything from mugs to hats, and a whole bunch of shirts, with the clear intention of sullying the Google brand by exploiting weaknesses.

Long story short, people in Mountain View were quick to take notice, and then came back with a short and sarcastic comment. A Google spokesperson had this to say:

“Microsoft’s latest venture comes as no surprise; competition in the wearables space really is heating up.”

Haha, burn! Google seems to have nailed it with this comment.

It not only took Microsoft’s new attempt remarkably well, but also referred to its Google Glass technology in the same sentence. This device is clearly one of the premiere products in wearable computing technology products.

For the record, Microsoft is not too far behind in wearable technology. Redmond is currently said to be developing and testing its own products, and is expected to take its first step in the field next year.

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