Google Responds To Microsoft Attacks, Keeps Windows Out Of Its New Update

If you can’t beat them, hit them where it hurts, eh Google? Microsoft has directly attacked Google a fair few times in recent months, but the Mountain View based search engine giant has always taken the quiet route.

The display of this reluctant attitude from Google and its decision not to comment on the Scroogled campaign probably annoyed Redmond executives.

But now Google has filed in a reply — and boy, what a reply it is.

The company released the latest version of its Gmail Web platform, complete with a new user interface as well as improved search and integration with Google Calendar. This new update is available to users on various platforms, from iOS to Android, BlackBerry, even Kindle Fire.

One platform that is missing is Windows Phone. And TheNextWeb believes this could very well be Google’s reaction to Microsoft’s recent attacks. Either that or the Internet giant feels that most users on the Windows platform are gravitating towards Microsoft solutions like and more.

Whatever the reason, the consumers are the only one that are going to feel the pain.

If things continue on this path, the rivalry between both technology giants is only going to escalate from here onwards.

And as you may have gathered, both Google and Microsoft are yet to comment on this new scenario. But we probably will hear Redmond’s verdict on this in a few days when it launches its refreshed Scroogled effort.

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