Google Tells Edge Users To Switch To Chrome

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Two can play this game! Browser wars continue to provide ample entertainment, even with Microsoft having joined the Chromium camp with the new Edge web browser.

Which is now built on the same engine that powers Google Chrome.

Anyway, this new Microsoft web browser is officially in town now, and the software titan is doing all it can to promote its newest creation. Including asking users of competing solutions to give it a try in the hopes that they make the switch.

But the competitors are not sitting idle either.

Just like Microsoft is keen on promoting its new browser, Google is also trying to convince the user base to give its Chrome browser a test drive. That is to say, the search engine giant is targeting Microsoft Edge users specifically.

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As noted, Google packed in a small surprise in its typical sign-in notification that it sends as an email to Gmail users to warn them about the new login.

This is what the warning message states:

“Make the most out of Windows 10 with the Chrome browser. Chrome is a fast, simple and secure browser, built for the modern web.”

Because, why not?

Even with Google Chrome pretty much having conquered the market with a 70% share, Google knows that it can’t rest pretty as the number one browser on the desktop. Edge may be far behind at 7%, but it has the potential to cover good ground and quick.

More so, when Microsoft continues to pack in excellent new features with each update.

As for this promotion, well, no surprises here that the search engine giant is on a mission to convince Edge users to take its own browser for a spin.

If Microsoft can do it, so can Google.

It works both ways.

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