Google Wants To Play Nice With Microsoft Office

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Trojan horse approach? I like it. Google, it is being said, will play nice with Microsoft Office. And this change in attitude is in hopes to entice customers into its G Suite ecosystem.

On a piecemeal basis, and not having organizations move their entire pipelines over outright.

What this means is that Google will now allow companies to move over to the G Suite at a departmental level, instead of signing giant contracts. Furthermore, G Suite will now be marketed as something that coexists alongside Microsoft software.

In other words, Google is happy to play the long game here.

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This slow burn strategy has been highlighted by Business Insider, who has the full details of this change of heart that is much similar to the more platform agnostic approach that Microsoft has undertaken in recent years.

Sources claim that the new unified messaging app that Google is working on will integrate well with Microsoft apps like Word, Excel, and more. It will also feature integrations with other competing services like Slack and Cisco WebEx.

All part of this new strategy that Google hopes will yield much greater returns in the long run.

After all, the company found success using this playbook of open source with a hint of exclusivity on mobile and web technologies like Android and Chrome. It only makes sense that the search engine giant tries something similar in the enterprise as well.

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