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Bryan Chaffin Bryan Chaffin[/caption] Once in a while I’ll come across a really cool article that’s tangentially related to Windows 8 or Microsoft that I think you should read and I’ll pass that along. This one is on TheMacObserver and it’s by Bryan Chaffin. It deals with his analysis of the Tablet space. He basically opines that Analysts have it wrong by assuming that Android and or Microsoft will eventually catch up with the Ipad because of volume. He says that the Iphone vs one million Android Phones model does not apply and he sort of sees it more like the way the Ipod has crushed every other mp3 player. It’s a great read and I agree with a lot of what he says except for the following: Tablets are different precisely because of the price. There’s a huge difference between $150 and $499. To a lot of people, that difference is not trivial. A lot of people (myself) included can afford to pay for an Ipad or Ipad 2 but there are a whole lot more who cannot. Apple is vulnerable in the tablet space because as soon as a half decent tablet comes out in the sub $200 space, people will buy it. They may wish they had an Ipad 2 or Ipad 3 but for the most part, people will buy what they can afford. As long as Apple doesnt have an Ipad Junior or an Ipad Mini in the right price range, they will be vulnerable. And as I have said on this blog before, Apple have to be concerned that Microsoft will come up with a kickass Windows 8 Tablet and give it away for cheap. Anyway, it’s a fantastic article. Check it out below… Article]]>

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