Groove Music Getting Some Groovy New Visualizations

The Groove Music app has long been one of the most popular apps in Windows 10, and it looks like Microsoft is all set to take it to the next level. With a couple of spectacular features.

Features like visualizations, equalizer, and more.

JT Kimbell, the senior program manager for the Groove team at Microsoft already confirmed this back in May, and now some timely tinkering under the hood has revealed some of these new options that can be activated.

Among these, the new visualization may well be the most anticipated of arrival.

As the screenshots below show, these are closer in style to the ones that are featured in the Windows Media Player, not just in terms of visuals, but also in how their animations react to the music that is being played.

Currently only two visualization types are included, Ribbons and Dots.

Multiple variants for these two visualizations are provided, with a whole array of animation styles and color palettes. And since these are based on the Media Foundation Transform APIs, there is every chance that more visualization types will be added later.

Another equally engaging addition is the introduction of a new equalizer to Groove, that users can use to customize the playback to their preferences and audio hardware.

And while these two are the bigger features, several small additions are also in store, like recommend playlists, streamlined playlist creation, more playlist customization options, direct sharing of playlists and songs to Facebook and Twitter, and improved metadata editing.

There’s even the ability to report abusive images.

And while there is no set target date on when Groove users can expect to take these new features for a test drive, it probably will not be long before Microsoft makes them officially available.

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