Grow up already people, Windows 8 is not coming out next year!

January 30, 2010

I swear the blogosphere is attempting to give me a heart attack.

There have been so many reckless and irresponsible comments about Windows 8 coming out next year that it’s ridiculous.

Just google “Windows 8 2011” and watch the nightmare unfold…

Some (maybe) Microsoft employee (may have) posted a date that (might be) the release date for Windows 8 which (seems like) 2011.

Time for grown ups to write about this. We are talking about a bunch of things here.

  1. Enterprise Development: Anyone who has worked for a large technical company knows how difficult it is to ramp up and develop the sequel to a successful package. Takes time and lots of planning.
  2. Umm…MSFT just launched Windows 7 a few months ago. Planning for an upgrade next year would be a little ridiculous. Like an upgrade just for the sake of upgrading.
  3. See #2 again.
  4. Corporate Customers: Happy with Windows 7, thrilled to abandon XP and next year you want them to do what?
  5. What would be the main problem that Windows 8 would be solving again? What are these massive complaints we are getting from Windows 7 users that can’t be solved by a Service pack?

And on and on and on…

It’s sad to see major publications attempt to push this crap.

Windows 8 would be a disaster in 2011. There just isn’t a reason for it… (unless Chrome OS does come out in a strong way).

In that case… my bad…

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