Guess What Is Selling Even Worse Than Surface Tablets? Chromebooks!

While analysts left right and center have been ripping into slow sales of Surface tablets, at least the Surface RT version, one thing everyone seems to put aside is Chromebook sales figures.

And it’s not like they have been completely overlooked by the media — sure, not everyone has raved about them, but whenever Samsung, HP and Acer launched a new model, reports and statements popped up on various websites and news outlets.

Even with this much active promotion, these devices have failed to make a mark in the notebook market. Call it the fact that these are powered by ChromeOS, or the overall slow hardware market, Chromebook have been poor sellers.

So poor that according to Digitimes, they are lagging even Microsoft Surface in most markets.

Only around 500,000 Chromebooks have been sold so far, a downright disappoint figure that amounts to less than 1 percent of the total notebook market. And one has to consider several hardware vendors are on onboard for this including major ones like HP.

Another reason that could have contributed to the slow uptake is the lack of usable onboard storage.

Google recently launched a 12.85-inch Chromebook Pixel sporting a monstrous 2560 x 1700 pixels resolution, but an equally monstrous price tag of $1,300.

Surface looks like a downright winner compared to hardware devices sporting Google’s logo.

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