Guest Post – 5 Reasons ARM-based Tablets Running Windows 8 Will Legitimately Compete With Apple’s iPad

February 21, 2012

Microsoft created Windows 8 primarily for ARM-based tablets Microsoft has specifically designed the Windows 8 OS to perform optimally on ARM-based tablets. The new OS, which is expected to publicly debut in October, has a simple interface that allows users to easily interact with touch-based screens and tablets. In the past, Microsoft has not had a tablet OS and this new OS will enable Microsoft to become a dominant player in the ARM-based tablet market.

Microsoft’s SkyDrive will make the cloud as accessible as a local drive

The SkyDrive will allow ARM-based Windows 8 tablet users to easily save files to the cloud the same way they save files on their local machine. In addition, users can simply email a link to a large file rather than being required to upload and attach a large file to the email. In addition, Microsoft has invested considerable time and resources to ensure that the SkyDrive provides users an intuitive interface, touch-friendly drive, and seamless experience.

Full Office applications are coming to ARM-based tablets

When Windows 8 is released, ARM-based tablet users will be able to access robust versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Although the new software, which is codenamed Office 15, will be specially designed for tablets, Microsoft has indicated that the interface and compatibility will be similar to desktop versions.

ARM-based tablets will be more affordable than the iPad

Since the ARM-based chips are already widely used in smartphones and other tablets, the upfront cost of these tablets should be reasonable. The ARM-based tablets will be most likely cost more than Amazon’s $200 Kindle Fire, but considerably less than the entry-level $499 iPad. Also, many experts believe that Microsoft may include Office 15 for free on WOA tablets, which represents substantial savings for the consumer.

Microsoft’s gaming knowledge is superior

When it comes to graphically advanced gaming technologies, ARM processors have limitations. However, Microsoft, who has a long history of developing exceptional gaming platforms, has already managed to run Direct X (most advanced graphics platform in the world) on ARM. When compared to other ARM-based tablets, the WOA devices will undoubtedly offer a superior gaming experience compared to the competition. The tablet market, which has been completely dominated by Apple’s iPad and Android-based tablets, is going to be introduced to a “new” version of ARM-based tablets this fall. Microsoft has invested considerable time and resources developing an OS, user interface, and robust apps to ensure the new tablets can compete with the dominant players currently on the market. Although Windows 8 is not expected to be released until late this year, the tech industry is already buzzing about this new OS and the new devices! About The Author Sarah Jacobs writes for YTD Downloader, a website that offers a YouTube Converter that allows users to save videos to their favorite devices across a number of formats, including YouTube to Mp3, Mp4, and MPEG.]]>

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  • All great reasons except for number 1! Windows was created primarily for ARM? Really? Is that why they struggled to get it running smooth and why for quite a long time the WOA release date was expected to be after the x86 and x64 release date?
    Designed with ARM in mind… yes. Created primarily for ARM… no!
    As I say though the other reasons are all spot on! I cant wait for Windows 8. Keep up the posts! 😉

    1234568 February 21, 2012 4:32 pm Reply
  • Don’t forget the sixth reason: Windows 8 is better than iOS 5 in every way

    Anubis February 22, 2012 2:53 pm Reply

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