Guest Post – Auslogics updates Disk Defrag Pro to version 4.2 with full Windows 8 support

This is a guest post by Auslogics Software Auslogics Software, the company behind one of the most popular defragmenters – Auslogics Disk Defrag, has just released a major update to the professional version of this software – Disk Defrag Pro 4.2. The program is known for the abundance of features, including offline defragmentation, four optimization algorithms and special SSD optimization techniques. The latest update adds full Windows 8 compatibility ensuring users accustomed to the company’s products can safely continue utilizing them under the new operating system. However new it may be, Windows 8 is still Windows – built on the same architecture as Windows 7, with many of the same operation peculiarities, maintenance needs and other requirements. Because of this, the demand for good software to defragment and optimize Windows PC’s is still there, and Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro is one of the best-equipped tools that meet these needs. First of all, Disk Defrag Pro has been officially certified by Microsoft as being Windows 8 compatible, meaning it is confirmed to work correctly under the new OS. It is available for download through the new Windows Store accessible from your Windows 8 devices. This provides the added assurance that this is a solid piece of software coming from a well-respected publisher. When it comes to hard drive maintenance and defragmentation, Auslogics’ defragmenter is a far more advanced application than the Windows built-in tool, offering far more features and optimization options to ensure your drives’ most efficient operation. Let’s look at what Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro has to offer:

  • Defragmentation algorithms include offline (boot-time) defrag to take care of locked system files, a special VSS-compatible mode to ensure restore points are not lost due to excessive VSS growth during defragmentation, and a special algorithm to optimize solid state drives.
  • Four unique optimization algorithms include Optimize by Change Time, Optimize by Access Time, Optimize by Disk Zone and Optimize by Prefetch Layout – enough to fit anyone’s individual needs. In addition to that the program offers Free Space Optimization designed to effectively prevent fragmentation by creating large contiguous blocks of free space.
  • Very detailed graphical visualizations and reports on the system’s state, each operation’s progress and results.
  • Advanced scheduler that allows defragmenting and preventing defragmentation in real time, maintaining the hard drive’s efficient operation.
  • Expanded SSD options that let you defragment and optimize solid state drives without much effect on their lifespan, that is if you are not dead-set against running this kind of maintenance on this drive type. If you prefer not to touch your SSD, Disk Defrag Pro lets you configure such drives not to be displayed in the drive list or processed during defragmentation.
The just released version 4.2 of the program brings enhanced cluster map appearance options, including some neat 3D styles, improved offline processing of external and floppy drives, and various other improvements. All in all, Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro is a feature-packed piece of software that offers superb optimization potential for Windows PC’s. With its Defrag Wizard and detailed explanations, it makes drive maintenance easy for novices while offering advanced functionality and configurability to experienced users. After Windows 8 release Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro still continues to be one of the most recommended alternatives to the built-in Windows defrag surpassing it in functionality and user-friendliness. You can check out Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro here.]]>

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