Guest Post – I Personally don't miss Steve Jobs

what he said here . In 2008 he made this quote then he starts suing over other companies stealing Apples ideas. In other words it’s ok for Apple to steal from others but not ok for anyone to steal from Apple. What if Steve Jobs never returned to Apple? I think in some ways Apple would have been better off and here’s why.

  • Hardware companies would probably still be making Mac clones. I think this would have put Apple on a more even keel with Microsoft. Maybe they wouldn’t be 50/50, but Microsoft wouldn’t have 90+% of the desktops.
  • Sure maybe the Mac would still be using Motorola chops instead of Intel but maybe they’d be using something more like the Cell processor which is pretty powerful.
  • I think it was Steve Jobs that was holding Apple back form making a phone before they did. I believe that without Steve Jobs that Apple would have had a phone earlier than 2007. Would iOS be like it is now? Probably not, but who knows what it would be like. Sure people love to say it was Steve Jobs that did this or did that, but he had a creative man that gave him ideas, he just said OK to the ones he liked.
  • There wouldn’t have been all these awful law suits. Sure there would be some, there are always going to be law suits, but with Steve Jobs heading Apple there were a lot more. Now Cook probably feels he can’t back down otherwise he’ll seem weak. The problem is now he seems like a bully as well which may hurt Apple in the long term. Cook is not Steve Jobs and he won’t be able to ride on Steve Jobs coat tails forever. One day he’s going to have to become a big boy and bring his own personality into the company. The longer he tries to be like Steve Jobs the more respect he’ll loose and this could hurt Apple.
Sure Steve Jobs made Apple what it is today but is that a good thing? Some think it is because they love their products. The thing is a company isn’t just their products it’s the people behind them and while Apple fanboys don’t see anything wrong with how Apple is being run a huge amount of people do. I think a good company has to be strong but also be run with some integrity which Apple lacks. Sure a lot of companies have their short comings, Microsoft use to be the bully now they seem like a pussy cat compared to Apple. Microsoft getting the government on their ass was probably the best thing that could have happened to them. Maybe Apple needs the same thing to happen to them? Some may say Microsoft still does bad things, I think they walk the line but they haven’t crossed it. The thing is Apple could have been a great company if they didn’t loose their soul, and competed more and sued less. In my eyes Apple is like Godzilla trampling on other companies technology because their afraid to loose. If you make a good product people will buy it, it’s up to the company to keep making it better so people want to continue to use it. I’m not saying companies shouldn’t protect their property, but I do think the patent system is broken. I think every company should have to share and license their patents. If all companies refused to share their patents then I think technology would not only be less than it is today, but more expensive. Everything from cars to computers would be different because fewer companies would be working on them to make them better. It’s the licensing of patents that made a lot of the technology what it is today. For instance what if Intel didn’t license the CPU patents to AMD? Sure Intel came up with the first 64bit chip but it was AMD that came up with the first 32/64bit chip. Without AMD CPU prices would probably be higher. This is just one example. What do you think? Has Apple lost its way? Can it come back? Or do you think they’re just ok the way they are?]]>

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