Hack Allows Windows 7 To Receive Updates Beyond Retirement

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Did not see this coming! Windows 7 is no longer receiving security updates as of January 14, the date when Microsoft officially pulled the plug on the classic OS for most users.

Save for those who have signed up to receive paid patches.

These are part of the Extended Security Updates (ESU) program, which is available for companies at prices estimated to be $25 per device for the first year, then $50 for the second, and finally $100 for the third and final year.

Basically, prices double every year.

Home users running this operating system have no other option than to upgrade to either Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 if they want to continue receiving updates. This is a path that most users have adopted, but some are sticking with Windows 7 due to its familiar experience and software compatibility.

With home users not getting these updates, they really don’t have any other option if they want to continue running Windows 7 securely.

Except for this bypass that has recently been discovered.

This hack that is now available online allows any Windows 7 device to get the security updates that Microsoft releases as part of the ESU program. Technically, this is all you need to get your machines fully patched beyond the January 14 end of support.

In other words, updates will show up on your device normally, via Windows Update.

That’s not to say that Microsoft will not block this hack. It probably is only a matter of time until the company does that. The next Patch Tuesday on March 10 is a solid bet.

But if not, then this is a nice little bypass, as far as bypasses go.

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