Hardware Devices Section Added To The Microsoft Store App

Only one question: Why was this not done before? The Microsoft Store app has just got a dedicated tab for users to buying Windows powered devices and accessories.

This was the very reason why the Windows Store was renamed to the Microsoft Store in the first place.

Of course, the official Store application already received the option of purchasing hardware. But starting with version 11802.1001.11.0 of the app, the Devices section is also now live. The layout change arrives just in time before the release of the upcoming Redstone 4 update to the operating system.

Which is on track to hit RTM by the end of the month.

With official launch in April.

Anyway, back to this new addition, as this report shows, it slides nicely into the UI of the application, right after the Home, Apps and Games panel, and before Movies & TV and Books.

See for yourself:

Microsoft Store Devices Tab

What’s not clear right now is exactly in which countries this layout change is visible. The latest version of the Microsoft Store app recently hit all Windows 10 devices, and Redmond really should be trying to make this option available to as many markets as possible.

As the name suggests, this dedicated Devices tab brings consumers to an entirely separate section that lists all kinds of Windows devices — from Surface and PC hardware to gaming computers, Xbox consoles, Mixed Reality headsets and accessories for these products.

And as you can image, both the catalog and the online shopping experience provided here is similar to what users can find on the web version of Microsoft Store.

It just brings it together on this official application on the desktop.

A late but great addition, all said and done.

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