Hardware Vendors Planning To Increase Shipment Of Models Without Windows

With so much riding on a simple (okay, not so simple) piece of software, Windows 8 always had its work cut out for it even before it hit the market. You would have to think really hard to name another OS with so much riding on it.

Sure, Microsoft’s hope and hype made sense. But somewhat astoundingly, a large number of hardware vendors had pinned their expectations on Windows 8 rekindling the faltering PC hardware industry.

With Windows 8 slow off the blocks and failing to boost consumer demand, it appears that some manufacturers have found their own way to deal with this little problem.

Microsoft’s worst nightmare — shipping devices without Windows installed.

A recent report at Digitimes cites several PC makers, Lenovo included, that have decided on this new strategy, as Windows 8 actually increased the final price of their products.

Sure, hardware vendors shipped notebooks and laptops without Windows OS, but the volume was very limited due to Microsoft’s strong influence in the past. And besides, it was a win for the end consumer as well, as they got a licensed copy of the operating system bundled with their new computer.

As a result of this new tactic, some notebook models are now up to $67 cheaper compared to previous price tags that came with Windows 8.

This actually is an attempt by these hardware makers to attract more buyers, particularly the price conscious ones, and try and recover the collapsing PC industry.

Nevertheless, Redmond has also actually outlined a plan to offer major Windows 8 discounts to PC manufacturers, as it aims to not just bring cheaper devices to market, but bring a variety of new hardware powered by its latest operating system.

And essentially prepare the road for the upcoming Windows Blue upgrade, widely expected to see light of day sometimes in August.

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