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“Easy” is a widely sought after tomato garden one of the reasons.

A site for the conduct of the tomato garden

Network Survey Largest installed? More practical? “Piracy better than the genuine use”?

Core Tips Exactly a month ago, is known as “China’s first large-scale combat

Software Internet piracy case “and” Tomato Garden case “came to an end, the four principal imprisonment, the defendant company was a heavy fine.

The many pirates, Microsoft Why are the “tomato” strike? Recalling the case, we find, “tomato” was “hit by the” and not just because of how much it is to seize the “market share”, but because it undermines the reputation of genuine XP, thereby affecting the process of Microsoft’s Genuine.

“Market share” than genuine XP

“Tomato Garden” why the touted

2004, the recent college graduates a year to buy Hong Lei “tomatolei.com” the domain name, formally founded the “Tomato Garden” forum. Initially, the tomato garden produced only a small number of individuals running the software and the WindowsXP operating system optimization software, and rely on

Advertisement Revenue. With research depth, Hong Lei starts to make “tomato garden version of XP”, and provide a free download. WindowsXP operating system, not only for this theme, desktop, buttons and other exterior landscaping, also abolished the Microsoft Genuine validation process, some of Microsoft’s original operating system function is not used to turn off or uninstall, and optimize the installation process not only greatly shorten the installation speed, also provide “fool” automatic installation services. After the installation, it automatically integrates some useful gadgets.

From installation to use, “one-stop” optimization, streamlining services so that many even completely non-technical people can self-install the system, making “Tomato Garden version of XP” access to the user in hot pursuit of its visibility also sharply higher. “Many people even think that Tomato Garden version of XP is the same as with the WindowsXP operating system independent.” Said an industry so.

2006, the Chengdu Sun Yu, president of software (that the accused Sun Xianzhong) fancy tomato garden. In its planning, the tomato garden started “black industrial chain,” the expansion of the road: Hong Lei and Liang Zhuo Yong responsible for technical transformation, Tianping to promote. Tomato Garden website users download for free, but advertising and plug-ins and other rogue within the plant so that Hong Lei, who reap huge profits.

More than two years time, this includes master planning, technology, market

Marketing Staff and funders, including the “black industry chain” was a massive user base, and through the implantation of rogue plug-in, the company only two years of soft advertising revenue reached 2.92 million yuan. According to Hong Lei’s own words, back in 2006, bundled with rogue software on a monthly income of more than ten million.

Hong Lei said: “Tomato Garden fame larger, in fact, installed version of the computer company larger than my capacity.” Tomato garden, but popular far beyond the imagination of many people.

A network statistics, currently the general computer users, the tomato garden market share of over 20%, while the Microsoft Genuine and “Computer City installed version”, “Rain Forest Wind Edition”, “depth”, “radish Home Edition “of the market share of around 10% each.

Piracy will help Microsoft grab market

Microsoft is a tacit understanding with the amendment by the formation of delicate

Than other pirates, Tomato Garden’s special features is pirated models of “innovation.” Hong Lei 2006, according to the readme, “Computer City installed version” of the bundled plug-ins to do before he studied, only from others to get the money twice, each time 200, “Later, I had tied him after the results very good, come ask me. I introduced him, he pulled a user I also have a dollar of commission. “

Thus, Hong Lei and its partners in the “new piracy model” of the pioneer, the model successfully balance the interests of industrial chain: developers get gray advertising revenue, brokers free download for making gains

Sell Business access spreads, the user to optimize the system to use low prices to form a balanced interests of the Union.

Hong Lei is clearly aware of her own actions have been illegal, but he has luck. In his view, Microsoft is clearly the model for him “to mind,” as long as Microsoft do not know so much profit, naturally, will not trouble to fight him.

“Has always been Microsoft’s operating system modification activities in China by Microsoft officially open one eye and close the indulgence.” An industry source said. In relying on the many Microsoft operating system software for a living, both purely technical developers, there are many dedicated computer optimization and legitimate earnings, these people have been to some extent Microsoft’s connivance and acquiescence, “as Microsoft conquering a city in the Chinese market. “

Some of the industry even believe that a long time, Microsoft intends with these “Modified By” maintain a balance of interests and allow them access to living space and also expand the market for themselves, as long as both sides maintain a tacit understanding, naturally no problem at all.

“I once received a lawyer letter, a forum post that I was selling tomato garden version of XP software, a set of 60 dollars. Lawyers believe that the sale of media like CD-ROM is not allowed and told me to delete . I was to remove, and they said thank you

Cooperation . “Hong Lei basis that” Microsoft is aware of what a lot of people to modify it, it does not have to manage, in fact too busy. “

Genuine XP system into disrepute “Piracy’s better” annoy Microsoft

Low profile in Hong Lei, who gobbled up the time, in June 2008, on behalf of Microsoft, Oracle and other giants interests of the Business Software Alliance (BSA) to the State Copyright Bureau and the Ministry of Public Security carried out a complaint. State Copyright Bureau and the Ministry of Public Security has attached great importance to the case, from August to December, respectively suspect Sun Xianzhong, Hong Lei and other captured and brought to investigation by public security organs, procuratorial organs review, filed against suspects indictment.

Piracy in many predators, why Microsoft choose tomato garden? One analyst believes that in recent years Microsoft and “Modified By” the delicate balance between being broken, Microsoft only had to choose shots. The breaking of this balance is the tomato garden, “Tomato Garden Microsoft has felt the impact modified version of the operating system

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