Have Steam Users Abandoned Windows 10?

What have we here! It looks like Steam users are not all that pleased with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, as Microsoft’s newest operating system recoded a massive drop last month.

The gaming platform has traditionally been the fastest to adopt new versions of the OS.

However, gamers at Steam have been less than impressed with the updates to Windows 10 lately, with the operating system market share going up, down and sideways these past few months, after it handily crossed the 50% mark.

And the latest statistics that Valve put at the start of the month, showed that the 64-bit version of Windows 10 lost no less than — wait for it — 17.14% of its share on the gaming platform. Yes, you ready that absolutely right, 17.14%.

Pretty much the biggest drop an operating system has ever experienced on Steam!

At the same time, the 64-bit version of Windows 7 recorded an impressive growth of 22.59%, becoming the top desktop operating system on Steam in the process. It now has 63.60% slice of the pie here, and Windows 10 will probably take a while to overtake this.

Steam Statistics November 2017

In case you think the reason for this major drop is an incorrect data from Steam, or an error in calculation, then no, they are accurate.

Because, a parallel change has been noted in the languages that are being used to play games on Steam. English actually lost the number one spot tumbling down to 13.40% from 21.24%, while Chinese went from 26.83% to 56.37%.

In other words, it appears that Chinese users have suddenly fell in love with gaming, and have migrated to the Steam platform recently en masse.

Since Windows 7 is the most widely used OS in the country, it stands to reason that the change has been reflected on the Valve gaming platform. Chances are that this will be new norm for quite a while now, unless these users start upgrading to Windows 10 at a brisk pace.

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