Here Is A List Of The Most Reliable Windows PCs Currently Available

It is not particularly easy classifying the most reliable Windows computers that are on the market right now, what with all the variables involved, but that is not stopping Soluto from trying.

The research firm (and software developer) has just published its new report. Titled ‘Soluto’s PC Purchasing Guide for Small Businesses’, this first (in a series) report focuses on Windows laptops and how reliable some of the most popular models are.

And the results may very well surprise you.

Call it a paradox, but the most dependable Windows computer is not made by HP, Dell or Acer.

Apple’s MacBook Pro 13 is dubbed as the most reliable laptop, and is placed first in this new ranking that concerns the best performing Windows laptops on the market — with an overall score of 1.05.

Acer is not far off from the top, with the Aspire E1-571 in second position after gathering 1.12 points. Dell’s XPS13 occupies the third position with 1.28 points.

For those of you wondering, the scores above are based on data collected from millions of boot ups, hundreds of thousands of crashes, and thousands of BSoD (Blue Screen of Death) errors that Soluto’s software registers once installed.

The company says that it takes program crashes, average boot times, performance of background processes and the total number of BSoDs experienced by its user base per week into account.

The findings show that MacBook experienced 0.88 crashes, 1.06 hangs and 0.01 BSoDs per week on average, while its typical boot time was recorded as 151 seconds. Acer Aspire E1-571, for instance, booted into Windows with an average time of 155 seconds.

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