Here Is The Full BUILD 2020 Session Catalog

BUILD 2020 Digital Event

We finally have the full details. BUILD 2020 is a one-of-a-kind event this year, what with the most anticipated of the developer conferences now going wholly digital.

All to do with a certain coronavirus pandemic rocking the world.

With the event now going virtual, Microsoft is allowing everyone to register for free. The company will carry on with its keynotes, sessions, and workshops just like an in-person event, meaning you can expect to be kept busy if you attend.

The software titan published the agenda for BUILD 2020 last week.

And now, it is here with the full session catalog for BUILD 2020, which is now live.

Website BUILD 2020 Session Catalog

A total of 604 sessions are in store, and the count seems final. Usually, the schedule is published weeks ahead of time, and then the sessions get added between then and the actual event. But seeing as that we are just five days away from the virtual gathering, things look set in stone.

A quick search for “Windows 10” reveals no less than 60 sessions focusing on things like the Windows Insider Program, Windows Terminal and WSL2, and PowerToys.

Surprisingly, no session dedicated to Windows 10X, the new lightweight version of Windows 10 that the software titan is now confirmed to be adapting for single-screen devices. Perhaps we’ll learn more about this OS later down the road once things crystallize.

You can register for the sessions that you want to attend, with Microsoft promising 48 hours of content.

Sadly, the event isn’t populating in the Microsoft Events app. So, if you are interested in attending the event, your best bet is to use the web interface to manage your schedule.

Mark your calendars for May 19 and 20, folks!

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