Here Is The Market Share Of Windows 8 After Six Months

Statistics rarely are boring. And this holds particularly true when they are as interesting as the market share of Microsoft’s latest operating system. And here are some new numbers to close off the month.

Speaking of months, it has been a clean six months since Windows 8 was released for general availability on October 26, 2012. Redmond spared no expense in promoting its new platforms, but while the results are still to impress, at least the Windows 8 is making steady uphill progress.

The only thing missing are some official details on Windows 8 sales from the software titan.

For this reason alone we have to make do with market researchers like StatCounter — and the latest from the firm is that at this point in time Windows 8 enjoys a market share of 4.69 percent.

This makes it good enough to lay claim to the position of the fifth most popular OS in the world.

Windows 7 is, unsurprisingly, top of the rankings with a commanding 53.89 percent. It is followed by Windows XP and its 27.7 percent stake.  Mac OS X sits on 7.11 percent, just ahead of Windows Vista and its 6.06 global market share.

Things may yet drastically change for the better for Microsoft’s new platform very soon.

The Redmond-based technology titan is all ready to give Windows 8 its first major upgrade (Windows 8.1, internal codename Windows Blue), which looks set to bring around several performance and user interface improvements once it sees daylight in the summer.

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