Here Is What The Windows Blue Modern UI File Manager Looks Like

The recently leaked alpha version of Windows Blue revealed that Microsoft is working on a Metro file manager that would allow users to carry out all essential file managements like copying, deleting and renaming files without leaving the Modern user interface.

Microsoft has not yet said anything about it (yeah, right) but the folks over at Neowin have posted a screenshot of what appears to be the simplest and most basic of file managers.

Yup, as you can see from the image it only provides only the most essential options for now.

While the interface is far from appealing, it is understandably a work-in-progress. Microsoft will most definitely give it the required polish as it nears launch.

The file manager looks to be totally optimized for touch, and this could potentially mean that the desktop on Windows RT could be set for early retirement as Redmond gears up to deliver a way for users to manage their hard drives from the Modern UI itself.

Still, it will be quite interesting to see how it compares alongside other solutions available in the Windows Store — solutions like File Browser and File Brick, which could potentially be further refined by the time Windows Blue hits the market.

A public beta of Windows Blue for testing purposes is scheduled for release in June, while the final version of the operating system is reportedly expected to hit stores in August.

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