Hey! What about the On-Screen Keyboard in Windows 8?

Oops! I forgot to tell you about the On-Screen Keyboard. This is another keyboard available through Windows 8. You can access it by typing “On-Screen keyboard” on your Start screen. To add its icon to both the Start screen and the Taskbar right click on it and select “Add to Taskbar” and “Pin to Start”. Now you are ready to go! The On-screen keyboard is available in two places, on the Start screen and  your Taskbar.

Using the On-Screen Keyboard

To check it out, click the On-Screen keyboard icon on the Taskbar. When you do that you get a full keyboard. This keyboard can be a bit intrusive but it’s not a problem as you can shrink it by clicking the Nav key. To revert to the full keyboard click the General key and you are back where you were with a full sized keyboard. The On-Screen keyboard comes into its own if you have a large monitor screen as you can set it up above a minimized Word document and type your text.


There are a number of options available with this keyboard. Clicking the Options key opens up a range of different possibilities. This keyboard has a PrtScn key. Now users of the Surface tablet know this key is “Missing in action”. Well, you can set up the On-screen keyboard on your Surface tablet and have access to this valuable key. One problem is the small screen so this keyboard takes up a fair bit of space so its value is somewhat limited. Still you have it readily available! I’m sure users of Windows 8 will find the On-Screen keyboard a valuable tool.]]>

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