High Resolution Windows 8 Tablets Incoming, Says Microsoft

Most were expecting Microsoft to unveil the rumored Surface Mini slate at this year’s BUILD conference, but the technology titan right decided against it and instead focused on Windows 8.1 Preview.

That did not stop the company from talking a bit about its tablet plans, however.

Redmond has already reiterated several times in the past that Windows 8.1 would make way not just for smaller tablets, but a complete new wave of devices. The company is said to be working with several hardware manufacturers behind the scenes in this regard.

And now The Verge reports that Microsoft hinted during the BUILD developer conference that devices with resolutions up to 2560 by 1440 are in the pipeline. These tablets sport the standard 10.6-inch screens, making their displays incredibly high resolution.

The technology titans has said — without providing any specifics, however — that such devices are on track to be released in the coming months. And this means around the time, or soon after the release of Windows 8.1, the first major upgrade to its flagship platform.

Microsoft, internally, is rumored to be preparing its own 8-inch Surface tablet that is supposed to compete with the likes of iPad Mini and Nexus 7.

The public launch of such a tablet is projected to take place before the year end. The company will most probably also unleash the second generation Surface RT and Surface Pro slates at a high-profile event.

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