HoloLens 2 Houses An ARM Processor, A New OS

Don’t look now, but there’s a new generation HoloLens coming. Although Microsoft has been awfully quiet on HoloLens 2, or whatever it will be called, new details occasionally slip out.

Last we heard, this new mixed reality headset was a while away.

But considering the fact that it has been two years since Redmond started shipping the original one to developers and businesses, the company is quite ahead in development of a successor. In fact, it is apparently planning a range of exciting new updates.

For starters, Harry Shum, the executive vice president of the company’s Artificial Intelligence and Research group revealed last year that the next generation HoloLens would feature a dedicated AI processor for implementing deep neural networks.

And now, according to this new report, we have intel that it would be powered by an ARM processor, which will not only provide better battery life but also LTE connectivity.

The first-generation HoloLens makes use of an Intel Cherry Trail processor, which only provides up to three hours of battery life — often even less. So that is a notable improvement not only in terms of prowess and feature set but longevity as well.

Speaking of improvement, the report also says that Microsoft is working to provide a wide field of view compared to the first model.

Hopefully the company manages to do that, as that was one area where the device truly lacked.

Along with these hardware changes, there is also talk that the new Microsoft HoloLens would introduce some exiting software enhancements. It will run a version of Windows 10 build on Windows Core OS.

Codenamed Oasis, while HoloLens 2 itself is codenamed Sydney.

This is a Mixed Reality specific experience that runs not only on the second-generation HoloLens, but also other mixed reality devices in the future. HoloLens 2 will also make use of CShell, the new adaptable UI that will work across all device types.

All promising development.

And although it is not yet clear when Microsoft plans to announce its new HoloLens headset, a recent blog post by HoloLens inventor Alex Kipman promises something planned for 2018 that the technology giant will be sharing in the coming months.

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