HoloLens Gets Two Distribution Partners In Europe

Somewhat surprising that it has taken this long, but Microsoft has picked up two distribution partners in Europe for HoloLens. Econocom and Bechtle are the two companies that Redmond has signed up.

This partnership will expand the reach of the mixed reality device, making it easier for local corporate customers to get their hands on the headset. Econocom is a French company, while Bechtle is German, and both will offer financing solution for HoloLens.

Allowing for either subscriptions, or pay-per-use for organizations that are interested in the device.

Microsoft talked about this in a blog post, sharing the details of this neat little development:

“This expertise will speed up HoloLens adoption, which was previously only available from the Microsoft Store, by offering companies turnkey solutions to match their needs and address their digital transformation challenges.”

The software titan has slowly been adding new markets for HoloLens, since the debut of the headset last year in the US.

Slow, yes, but four European countries were added for the device these past few months — the UK, Ireland, France, and Germany. And starting December 1, HoloLens is set to be made available in 29 new European markets, a key milestone for this impressive headset.

Redmond may still be in the early stages of the VR and AR revolution, but moves like this ensures a stable future for this new technology that is poised to revolutionize the professional world.

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