Holy Cow! Devastating article on Microsoft on HuffingtonPost.com

Dear God!

This is not the image that anyone should get about your company.

The Huffington Post just put out this DEVASTATING article on Microsoft today…

Some quotes

An ongoing survey of over 1,000 Microsoft employees by review website Glassdoor.com concluded that 50% did not approve of Ballmer’s performance as CEO, even though the company reported record revenue in the 2010 fiscal year.

Like perhaps any major company, Microsoft has also struggled to manage an increasingly enormous and fragmented operation, one with over 88,000 current employees worldwide and five major business units. In the telling of many insiders, internal politics and power struggles have often stifled innovation and thwarted coordinated action.


In an op-ed in the New York Times published earlier this year, a former Microsoft vice-president, Dick Brass described the company as “a dysfunctional corporate culture in which the big established groups are allowed to prey upon emerging teams, belittle their efforts, compete unfairly against them for resources, and over time hector them out of existence.”


“If I were Steve Ballmer, I’d be doubling down on enterprise,” says Foley. “That’s where they’re strongest and that’s where they make their money.”

Microsoft is hardly turning its back on the corporations that have been so good to it for so many years. It has been refining a range of offerings intended to tempt corporate IT departments, such as Azure, a cloud computing service that launched earlier this year and has attracted clients like eBay and the Department of Agriculture, and SharePoint, a line of business software products that has been Microsoft’s fastest-growing ever.

But the giant is clearly gearing up for a major run to recapture the masses–this time, not by dint of its monopolistic grip on the desktop, but by the force and appeal of its innovations, another phrase not frequently uttered in connection with the company back in its halcyon days.

The only certainty is this: Microsoft will be around in a major way if for no other reason than the dollars at play.

“They have more money than God,” says MIT’s Anderson.

A great article and an interesting read for sure.

What do you think about Microsoft?

Do you agree with the article?

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