Hotmail Retirement Imminent, Microsoft Removes Link On Bing

It will be quite some day when Hotmail, as a brand, is finally retired. The service goes way back, and is almost synonymous with the early days of the Internet and connected world.

One of the earliest cloud based services, Hotmail went from offering 2MB of inbox storage (recall the dreaded days of having to delete emails just to receive new ones) to serving hundreds of millions of customers on its email platform.

But just as all things that have a beginning have an end — so does Hotmail.

Microsoft is hard at work moving all users from Hotmail to its shiny new email service, and the transitions seems to be almost completed if we go by the recent developments.

The company has finally removed the Hotmail link from the official Bing search engine page and replaced it with a link to, which itself was pushed out of beta stage not too long ago.

A report at reveals that this change is now being rolled out to all users. So if you are unable to see it for the time being, just hold on tight, it will be any moment now.

The full version of was recently revealed by Microsoft a month ago, and the technology titan announced that it plans to move all Hotmail users to its new email platform by summers.

This news was not overly well received in some circles — some Hotmail members were outraged by the company’s decision to kill off Hotmail.

Regardless, the company plans to see the transition through and has reiterated that is set to be Microsoft’s flagship email platform for the foreseeable future.

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