How About An Office Button On Your Keyboard?

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Stranger things have happened! Microsoft is contemplating a new key on the keyboard of PCs and laptops running Windows. A dedicated Office button, so to say.

The idea being to allow users to work with the Office productivity suite much more efficiently.

Of course, an Office key is not something that can show up overnight on keyboards — it takes a lot of planning and an equal amount of convincing.

To that, end the company seems to be willing to put the necessary work into the project. Meaning, it is not only planning to bake the right software for it, but also ask manufacturers to integrate this new button into their existing keyboard layouts without compromising usability.

All this has been revealed by regular Microsoft watcher WalkingCat, who claims that the software giant recently started an internal survey to determine how useful an Office key would be on PC keyboards.

It also wants to get feedback from company employees on a series of ideas.

Ideas like support for shortcuts, like pressing this Office button with keys like O, T, W, X, P, D, N, Y, and L to quickly perform a series of tasks in the productivity suite faster.

As an example, the Office key + S hotkey would allow users to quickly share a document. And this would come in handy for Microsoft as it pushes hard for collaboration in its platform and services like OneDrive and Office 365.

More so, as Office is now the top cash cow for the company.

Ultimately, the overall concept of the Office keyboard button is very similar to the Windows one, with the only major difference being that this key would be used in the productivity suite. And considering just how useful the Windows key is, overall, a project like this just makes sense.

Things are still in the very early stages right now, with Microsoft apparently seeing this as something to move forward in the long term, after gaining insights from the feedback it receives.

What do you think of this, though?


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