How do YOU feel about Windows 8?

  • If your device is a desktop, server or laptop – default to the “desktop app”
  • If your device is a tablet – default to Metro
  • I understand the rationale for not doing this (full speed ahead, the desktop is just an app, Metro is the future, blah blah) but it’s just painful this way. On the other hand, I am starting to dig the attention to the level of detail being shown to some of the tiles. I think that will also help with selling Metro – having a very beautiful, next gen face on the product. I think that there are a lot of really cool features in the desktop app and a lot of them will be very attractive to the average user but Metro will be the X factor that may turn a lot of people off. It’s taken a long time for someone like me to grudgingly show some appreciation for the metro desktop and I have been looking at this thing since the very first time we saw it at the BUILD conference. Less than one percent of one percent of people care about Windows 8 right now, I wonder what they’ll think once they see it for the first time? It’s going to be controversial for sure. Microsoft have done the right thing with the pricing of the product. At $40 for an upgrade, price won’t really be a factor for most people. I’m not sure for most technical users, that will be enough. As a tech head, I have building and tinkering with computers for over 25 years. I honestly (honestly) can’t remember the last time Windows 7 crashed on me. That’s amazing. Windows 7 is the (IMHO) best OS that Microsoft have ever developed. Windows 7 is so stable that my desktop feels like home to me. I have installed all my apps, folders, drives and shortcuts. The very thought of messing up that situation is nighmarish to me. The truth is for technology heads like me, stability and familiarity are waaaay more important than new and cool. Also, I have 8 gigs of RAM and a multi-core processor so speed and performance are not an issue. I have gone through the entire OS (Windows 8) and we are creating tutorials for you guys. It does have a lot of value to bring to the table and is pretty awe inspiring up close. The question is will consumers want to take that deep look? What about you guys and girls? It’s been a while since the Windows 8 Release Preview. What’s your take?]]>

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