How I would change Desktop Mode in Windows 8

Microsoft Guru Paul Thurrott wrote a series of articles on how he would change Windows 8 (they can be found on his site ).  I thought I’d write one on how I would change the Desktop environment.

Now I’m also taking into account that Microsoft isn’t going to bring the Start Menu back (which I agree with them).

The question is, how can they make Windows 8 more fluid going back and forth between the two Start Screens.

I wish I was good at graphic design because I think my ideas would come out better visually, but lets hope I can explain them well enough.

I thought of two separate ways Microsoft could do to probably satisfy most people in the next update of Windows.

1) They could just Metroize the desktop (I’ve been calling it the Tiled interface but for this article I’m going to make things simpler and just call it Metro) and let people just login to desktop if they’re not on a touch device. Just take away the icons for programs and add tiles.

Microsoft at the moment wants to keep both environments separate and they can still do that. Instead of mixing the Windows programs and Metro like they presently do they can separate them and just show Windows programs in the desktop environment. Some people say it feels odd going from the Metro environment to the Desktop and I think this would help.

2) My second idea is similar to the one above, letting non-touch devices login to desktop and getting rid of the icons, but this idea is to just have a transparent overlay of the Metro environment pop up (instead of taking you to the Metro start screen).

You would still be in the Desktop environment so it wouldn’t seem as jarring as being switched to the other environment.

Now that the desktop is icon free maybe they can figure out some other way?

Microsoft doesn’t need to bring back the start button. There will be people who just don’t like the Tiles but they’re here to stay.

I think icons are yesterday and the Tiles make the OS look more modern.  People are visual, and I think some of the strangeness going from the Metro to the Desktop environment is the icons.

Take away the icons and put Tiles to represent the programs and I think it would make a great deal in the way people think about the OS.

Instead of going into two totally different looking environments as it is now, they’d look similar and more visually pleasing.

I hope I didn’t confuse people that much. If someone wants to make graphics of my vision for the hell of it go for it. I can’t pay you but if you think one (or both) of my ideas is good go ahead.

You can send them to and if I like them I’ll post them.

Otherwise what do you think of my ideas?

What ideas can you come up with to make Windows 8 better?

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